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The challenge organizations face

The world we live in is characterized by a vast range of innovations, new technologies combining disciplines and impacting economies and industries. These innovations, mainly digital driven, have disruptive influence in the way we as humans act and interact. As such organizations are challenged to cope with these developments, the so called 4th Industrial revolution. The problem most organizations have is that their current IT-systems (legacy) hinder them in keeping up with the speed of change in this dynamic era.

Our purpose

We help organizations to change the way they think and work by questioning the way they provide their products and services to their customers and stakeholders. Disruptive innovations, such as blockchain, have to be dealt with fundamental changes, but also need to be anchored into the existing processes and applications (the 2-speed IT).

What we do

We provide solutions and services to transform, innovate and disrupt businesses by leveraging the latest, exciting and promising technologies. We develop and implement new applications based on these technologies, while we take into account the existing IT-landscape, thereby shaping a 2-speed IT strategy for the organizations, with timeless processes and systems as a result.


TYMLEZ is a software development company concentrating its efforts on optimizing blockchain technology for today's and tomorrow's enterprise information systems.

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TYMLEZ has a team of experts on blockchain technology to help enterprises to move and connect their business processes and information systems to this next-gen technology.

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