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A sustainable future will be created by today’s most resilient and productive organisations. Tymlez provides those organisations with the solutions to succeed.

What is Tymlez?

Almost every industry is set to be revolutionised by emergent technologies such as blockchain and AI. But success will only be captured by those that make the choice to embrace the core features of such technology into their businesses. We make bespoke solutions that ensure your business is not only ready for the future, but can lead the way.

Developed by one of the world’s most experienced enterprise-software teams, our solutions are built on a platform comprising a comprehensive stack of enterprise-ready applications married to a blockchain layer. Able to integrate with any legacy software and modern applications, Tymlez technology can create decentralised applications and solutions for organisations in any industry looking to leverage blockchain-functionality.

The Tymlez solution

Our software is designed to create enterprise-grade solutions that can build and manage blockchain-based ecosystems as quickly and as cost-effective as possible.

Use Cases

Tymlez solutions can be used to improve outcomes in almost every sector. Here are just some the sectors that could be revolutionised in a Tymlez future




Supply Chain

Carbon Trading


“Blockchain and AI are just buzzwords unless you can unlock their potential — that's exactly what Tymlez does."

Daniel O’Halloran, CEO - Tymlez

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