18 February 2019 ASX Announcement

  • National project for the South African Government
  • Brightsolver appointment
  • Nascent Group appointment
  • Happystry project goes live
  • New version 2.0 into a BETA program Q1 2019
  • Business Development update

TYMLEZ Group Limited (“TYMLEZ” or the “Company”) (ASX:TYM) is pleased to provide an operations update on current activities in the quarter.

Brightsolver Appointment

Tymlez is pleased to announce the partnership with Brightsolver one of Africa’s leading business process outsourcing and technology services providers for entrepreneurs, large corporate and Government organisations. Brightsolver has been assigned by the public sector department to set up, establish and support a country wide digital network solutions across South Africa.

Nascent Group Announced as Consulting Partner

Tymlez are pleased to announce their collaboration with Nascent Group a TYMLEZ consulting partner who act as a trusted adviser to Brightsolver in the formulation, design, management and delivery of large-scale technology solutions. Nascent Group are responsible for bringing together the combined platform solution for a Citizen Engagement Program with the South African Government.

National South African Government Project

In conjunction with Brightsolver and TYMLEZ’s consulting partner Nascent, the Company has been awarded a national project with a leading South African National public sector entity as part of a three-year agreement, delivering technology enabled services to citizens. The agreement includes a perpetual licence in line with TYMLEZ’s Perpetual licence and reccuring maintenance fee terms.

The TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform (TBSP) has been selected as the foundation for securing and safeguarding the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of anyone using a new South Africa

National public sector service. The TYMLEZ Platform ensures that the South African Government and associated national entities can easily deliver secure PII to any Public or Private Sector Stakeholders.

Bulelani Mnyaka Group Executive Director, Brightsolver said “We chose the TYMLEZ Blockchain Platform as the foundation for securing and safeguarding the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of anyone using this new public sector service. As this service will be accessible by all, we have our Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) to consider, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) related to EU citizens within South Africa. The TYMLEZ Platform ensures that we can easily deliver on securing of PII to any Public or Private Sector Stakeholders.”

Adrian Woodstock, Business Development Director TYMLEZ Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

said “We look forward to a long partnership with the Brightsolver and Nascent teams and the South African Government working closely with us to deliver this ground-breaking service. This is a highly visible, high profile endorsement of the TYMLEZ platform which enables us to further expand the platform usage with our channel partner Nascent and also provide the TYMLEZ platform across the private sectors”

Michael Reh CEO of TYMLEZ said “We are delighted to see the new partnerships with Nascent and Brightsolver has delivered such a high-profile client utilising the TYMLEZ platform. This project is an excellent proof of concept case to begin the new partnerships and provides us with an excellent start in the region. This is also a strong affirmation of our distribution strategy, where high-profile proof of concept clients in conjunction with scalable channel partners ensures ongoing momentum for the TYMLEZ business.”

Happystry Goes Live

Happystry is an India based entity that offers a marketplace for responsible goods and services to trade. To incentive its userbase Happystry offers their users a loyalty-token (not a cryptocurrency), which can be used to trade within the Happystry marketplace. The token is constructed with TYMLEZ and runs on the runtime-version of the TYMLEZ platform.

The software is already up and running and by the end of 2019 Happystry expects to serve 850,000 users through its platform.

TYMLEZ Platform Product Update to Version 2

TYMLEZ is pleased to announce that the Company finished the development of the new version 2.0 and which will be released into a BETA program in Q1 2019. The main features of the new release are the support of BFT (Byzantine Fault-Tolerant), improved user experience especially for Developers, and extended support for various deployments scenarios supporting Kubernetes, Docker and Vagrant. All existing business scenarios will be available like Tracking and Tracing, HR Onboarding, Secure Document Handling, Exchange of digital Ownership rights besides various technology updates.

New hires at TYMLEZ Germany

We are pleased to welcome three new hires to the TYMLEZ family located at the Company’s centre of excellent and development in Weinheim Germany. The three new team members include a chief development architect with excellent experience in designing and developing software and two junior

developers. Both developers have already spent 6 months working on their master thesis focusing on Blockchain related topics like electronic voting and GDPR at TYMLEZ and have decided to stay with us in Wienhiem and join our family.

The Company’s newly appointed architect has worked in the software industry for more than 20 years, and since 2000 as a Software Architect. He has worked on two start-ups, 7 years at SAP in innovation projects and as Chief Development Architect in the office of the CTO, as a Board member OSGI Alliance (for SAP). The Company will hold its next board meeting at the Company’s centre of excellent and development in Weinheim and the board looks forward to spending time getting to know the team and discussing both new product development and business development.

Business Development Update

To date this year our Sales team have been busy driving Business Development across all priority regions. Of particular note our German region sales manager organized a two-day roadshow in Zürich, Switzerland. Michael Reh and our German Sales Manager Andrea visited multiple companies, presented our platform and received excellent feedback adding new clients to the sales pipeline.

In addition, the Company will do a joint presentation with SUSE at SUSECon in Nashville 1-5 Aril 2019. The event features exceptional technical content presented by SUSE Engineers, Product Managers, customers, partners, and community enthusiasts. SUSECON 2019 will feature technical and business- level tutorials, customer case studies, hands-on product training, open source solution demos and more certification opportunities.

The Company is pleased to introduce Tom de Jong, our new Asia Pacific Business Development lead who has located in Singapore to service the Asia Pacific region. Tom holds a Bachelors Degree in Technical Business Administration and over 19 years experience in IT Product Management and Sales at leading global IT organisations with specialities in Information Security and Business Development. The primary focus will be in Singapore and Australia with leads already established to ensure a fast track business development cycle.

Blockchain Market

Blockchain Addressable market is forecast to reach $US176 Billion by 2025, $3.1 Trillion by 20301. TYMLEZ blockchain designed for business, creates a permanent record, secure and unalterable from a decentralised network structure enabling a unique asset to be transferred over the internet without the need for a middle-centralised agent. According to Gartner the addressable market for blockchain applications will grow from $US175 Billion in 2025 to $3.1 Trillion in 2030. TYMLEZ is well positioned in the short term to access this market through its growing partner ecosystem leveraging existing and new use cases.

The company looks forward to updating shareholders and thanks you for your ongoing support.

For further information:

Mr Justyn Stedwell
Company Secretary
(03) 9191 0135

Niv Dagan
Executive Director
Peak Asset Management




Blockchain designed for business. TYMLEZ provides a highly scalable, multi-tenant, enterprise-grade smart contract blockchain platform which can be deployed in minutes and / or implemented via partners within an enterprise or across a consortium. We bring commercial-grade blockchain technology to the enterprise. We do this by delivering a scalable platform which enables accelerated development, management, and deployment of enterprise blockchain applications.

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