Google Cloud Technology Partner

Google Cloud Technology Partner

5 February 2019  

TYMLEZ Group Limited (“TYMLEZ” or the “Company”) is pleased advise that it has officially achieved partner status in the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program. 


This allows the Company to list the TYMLEZ Solution Blockchain Platform (TBSP) on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace to promote and sell TYMLEZ solutions to customers.


The Company will also receive additional training material for our developers and receive credits from Google to use the Google Cloud Platform for development and testing environments, customer demonstrations, and customer “proof of concept” opportunities.


Commenting on the Google Cloud Technology partnership, CEO of TYMLEZ, Michael Reh, said: “we are very pleased to be on the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program, this is a great endorsement of our platform and an excellent distribution platform for accelerated and scalable sales growth. We look forward to updating investors on this exciting development for the Company”.

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