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I believe technology should be an enabler for improving peoples lives and not just processes. That's why I believe blockchain will enable people and devices to trust each other without the need of a third party like a bank, notary, energy company, etc. 

Reinier van der Drift | CEO

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Shaping the future together

TYMLEZ is a young, highly dynamic start-up with its headquarters in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2016 by Reinier van der Drift. Since December 2018 TYMLEZ has been listed on the Australian stock exchange. 

New work structures: every talent becomes visible
Digitisation is the core of our business and the way we think and work is shaped by it. Open communication and transparency are our top priorities. 
As an international and multicultural team we at TYMLEZ use our joint potential of skills and creativity to inspire others. With every new customer project we open up new horizons.



Reinier van der Drift


Reinier founded TYMLEZ in 2016. Prior to TYMLEZ, Reinier was founder and CEO of Authasas (2009) which was acquired by Micro Focus in July 2015. Reinier has been a leader in the ICT industry since 1984, concentrating his efforts on strong authentication methods since 1997. As an entrepreneur, Reiniers' leadership has lead to the creation of several companies with the purpose of expanding the biometric and smartcard marketplace in Europe, the USA and Asia. 

Jitze Jongsma


Jitze is the current director and co-owner of Lighthouse Investments BV, which specialises in investments in mid-sized innovative companies with a strong focus on their strategic position within their branch. He is also the co-owner of Albatross Industries which specialises in manufacturing installations for CO2 Capture and Desulphurization. Albatross has at its disposal cutting edge technology. In addition, he is also a board member for Procede Group BV, a chemical engineering company; and also the co-owner of the CFO company which supports the management of mid-sized companies with top educated and experienced financial managers. 

Dr. Jaap Gordijn


Jaap is founder and director of The Value Engineers, a company designing peer-to-peer business models for technologies such as blockchain. Also, he is an associate professor of innovative e-business at the VUA, Amsterdam. He is the key developer of, and has internationally published on, the e3-value methodology, which comprises a graphical technique to design and evaluate networked business models. Earlier, he was a member of Cisco’s International Internet Business Solution Group. As such, he was active as an e-business strategy consultant in the banking, insurance, and digital content industries for Fortune 500 companies.

Nevlynn Janssen


Nevlynn is a marketer at heart, worked at several Fortune 500 companies in different capacities mainly focused on marketing and sales. Being an entrepreneur himself he is focused on growth following the latest marketing trends. He is also a mentor at Startupbootcamp, the world's largest network of multi-corporate backed accelerators helping startups scale internationally. Nevlynn specifically focusses on cutting-edge technology startups

Fadime Kaya


Fadime holds a BSc Business Economy, MSc Information Science, MSc Information Systems Science, and is currently pursuing her PhD Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, focused at engineering decentralized computational governance for disruptive ecosystems. Fadime sees blockchain technology as the momentum to design balanced and fair ecosystems. She is a passionate yogi, vegan, and sailor.

Niels Bakker


Angad Kumar

Project Manager

Sjoerd Schelvis


Aaron Chiang

Product Manager

Frank Mittag


Lilian Vilarin

Developer / Researcher

Alibek Karimov


Shoeb Tamboli


Himanshu Nagda


Pradeep Salanki


Dominik Lenk

Frontend Developer

Vithushan Jegatheeswaran

Courage needs allies!

Digitisation changes everything. All around the world the digitisation is gaining momentum. Physical and digital worlds are blended in new ways, business and technical experts are trying to anticipate the future needs of their organisations and companies. We are convinced that Blockchain solutions play a major role in the ongoing process of digital transformation and the way economies will be organised in future. TYMLEZ is looking for highly motivated hands-on individuals with excellent problem-solving skills in different regions.

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Magnus Olofsson

Strategic Advisor

Cornelius G Ryan

Strategic Advisor

Professor Emeritus Dr. Roel Wieringa

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Dr. Stephen D Friel

Strategic Advisor

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