Tymlez delivers world-class
technology solutions.

Blockchain-based solutions for your future success.

Almost every industry is set to be revolutionised by blockchain, but success will only be captured by those that make the choice to embrace the core features of this technology into their businesses.

Developed by one of the world’s most experienced enterprise-software teams, our solutions are built on a platform comprising a comprehensive stack of enterprise-ready applications married to a blockchain layer. Able to integrate with any legacy software and modern applications, Tymlez technology can create decentralised applications and solutions for organisations in any industry looking to leverage blockchain-functionality.

We provide all parties a secure, efficient mechanism to interact within the network by eliminating the need for mutual trust and the costly intermediaries often required to provide accountability.

Without the Tymlez platform being offered as a turnkey service, building such ecosystems with traditional software would take every enterprise in the network months, or even years, and several full-time, high-level developers to build every desired application. The Tymlez solution represents the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings for every party involved.

Together, we can build a Tymlez future


A sustainable future will be created by today’s most resilient and productive organisations. Tymlez provides those organisations with the solutions to succeed.


After four years and millions of dollars of investment, Tymlez has developed a world-leading technology platform with core blockchain functionality.


Tymlez founded by Michael Reh and Reinier van der Drift.


Tymlez is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.


TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform (TBSP) released.


Energy industry veteran Daniel O’Halloran joins as CEO.


Commercialisation begins with tier
one companies.

In a world that is at a tipping point, we are going to help you to build a Tymlez future.