Case study

Humanitarian Passport

Business Case

To create a digital GDPR compliant and secure recruitment and onboarding process which would provide:

  • Each applicant with a “Digital Passport” for ID and security clearance in crisis areas
  • Improved children safeguarding checking and compliance
  • Integration with HR and Crisis Roster systems
  • Better collaboration of skills with other charities
  • Reductions in overhead costs and process timelines
  • Improvements in risk assessment and operational efficiencies

Tymlez Blockchain Platform

Tymlez’s blockchain solution meets all these requirements utilizing the visual modelling and smart contract capabilities plus API integration with HR systems and biometric devices

Image module

Business Benefits

User permission driven process for data collection and sharing
Secure and transparent data protected with by private keys
Secure online credentials checking onboarding to capture details
Secure communication between Governments and outside agencies