Case study

Case Study

For the website we've shortened our original case study. The original study contained:
  • a farm
  • a mill
  • a bakery
  • a delivery service
  • a shop

The shortened version only has the latter three. If you interested in the full version and explore the possibilities for your enterprise, please contact us


  • The Tymlez Smart Enterprise Blockchain Architecture
  • For the shop:
    • RFiD reader with which the shop scans the bread when sold and an order is created and processed through the¬†blockchain
  • For the delivery service:
    • an Arduino board with breadboard containing a temperature sensor posting every 5 seconds the temperature to the blockchain
    • a GPS sensor that posts the position of the vehicle every 10m to the blockchain
    • an insurance (escrow) is created to pay the damage fee in case the temperature goed beyond limits
  • A smart contract is created by the bakery for the transportation of bread under perfect conditions (14-26 degrees celcius)