Anticipate market shifts and customer needs

One of the hallmarks of our time is constant re-innovation. Embrace this change:
use a disruptive technology such as Blockchain to keep pace, open up new markets, or revolutionise existing products or services.

Harness the potential: gain awareness of your business partner Eco-system and their changing digital infrastructures. The automation of business processes has always played an important role. While ERP systems are mainly responsible for automating internal processes, day-to-day business is increasingly taking place in constantly growing ecosystems with other companies. 

In addition to companies networking with their partners via numerous interfaces, machines and products have begun communicating with each other. This requires a high degree of trust and a maximum of secure data.

This is where Blockchain can provide a decisive added value. TYMLEZ Blockchain technology offers a tamper-proof ledger of identities, transactions, documents, assets, paving a new way to record, store and share data of all kinds. 


Build trust in identities, transactions, documents and assets 


Do you need

  • To track and trace the condition of documents, goods and values that you share with your partner network? 
  • To establish a new peer-to-peer transaction behaviour that is fast, transparent, immutable, and highly automated? 
  • A solution that saves time and money? 


TYMLEZ stands for solutions based on blockchain technology, which is enterprise-ready and offers much more than out-of-the-box solutions.
TYMLEZ will work very closely with your business and will familiarise you with the key components like secure permission, decentralised environments, distributed ledgers and smart contracts. We will support your digitisation process with our know-how.
TYMLEZ can help you to integrate Blockchain with legacy systems such as SAP, breathe new life into them and create up-to-the-minute business process models. 

Discover the innovative use of your company data. 

Contact us for more information or a demo. 



Want to talk to experts in a learning atmosphere that meets your needs? We enable you to re-imagine your business models by helping you discover the world of Blockchain and accompanying you on your deep dives into existing use cases.

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