Get familiar with Blockchain 

Interested in Blockchain but you still have many questions? Do you feel that Blockchain technology can push your digital transformation agenda forward but still need further advice? Then our discovery workshop is for you – you’ll meet our experts in person and get the guidance you need!  

On the first day we will guide you through:

  • Digitisation and Blockchain
  • Functions of Blockchain, different types, terminology, regulations/compliance
  • Blockchain, legacy systems and the latest IT mega trends – how can they be linked?
  • Overview of our use cases and proofs of concept
  • TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform
  • Smart contracts – the full potential of Blockchain processes

On the second day, you will get an opportunity to define and structure your own use case, e. g. a smart contract with the assistance of experienced TYMLEZ consultants. We will supply you with an individual analysis, keeping in mind the integration of your Blockchain features into your current processes and IT landscape. 


Ideation TYMLEZIdeation Workshop

Have some ideas but don't know where to start? We run a workshop to help drill-down into the right use cases that bring the biggest benefit.



Use Case TYMLEZUse case development Workshop

You have a specific idea for a blockchain application? We help you to build a detailed business and technical architecture that lets you move forward.



Development TYMLEZBlockchain development

The idea is clear! Now you need help to build a (prototype of a) blockchain application …

Our developers can work to your needs, budget and timeline to get a result into your hands that will impress.

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