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Tymlez can provide a solution to the world’s energy problems. I’ve spent most of my career in the energy sector. First as a lineman, physically building networks and scaling poles, through to the planning and implementation of major national infrastructure, I’ve got the first-hand experience. The entire ecosystem has always seemed incredibly inefficient and ripe for change. It seems crazy that most of our power comes from big, centralised industrial plants that we know are environmentally destructive. I mean, it’s 2020; everyone can make, store and, ultimately sell energy made from solar, wind and other clean resources.


We need a fairer energy infrastructure, but that requires a massive change not only in how we generate our energy but also how we trade, track and distribute our energy. Blockchain offers a way to do that by decentralising information and creating extremely secure peer-to-peer exchanges but, for most people, it’s complicated and not very user friendly. When I encountered Tymlez, I saw a system that could make it easy. Most people don’t need to know how the system works, or understand blockchain, they just need to be confident that the system works and is simple to use.

Scaling this kind of technology from domestic prosumers and consumers into the commercial space is usually extremely difficult but that’s exactly what Tymlez does.

Blockchain and AI are just buzzwords unless you have a way to unlock their potential — that’s exactly what Tymlez does.

Daniel O’Halloran, CEO - Tymlez

In the tech sector, you hear a lot of buzzwords, like blockchain and AI. They don’t mean anything unless you can unlock their potential — Tymlez is that solution. When I started looking at the company, two things were clear. One: the team is the best in the business. Between them, they must have a century of experience in building enterprise-grade solutions for some of the biggest corporations on the planet. They saw blockchain as an opportunity to change the world. The difference was, they set about trying to make it happen. Alongside, they partnered with the kind of whip-smart new-blood you need at the coal face of any revolutionary endeavour.


The secret sauce. Because of that talent, ambition and foresight, the Tymlez platform is ahead of a wave that only a few others even realise is coming. In a market flooded with kits that you need to build yourself, we offer a customised, turnkey supercar. Yes, there are other blockchain platforms available, but very few — if any — even offer the end-to-end solutions that we can. IBM, for instance, is driving the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project, which is an incredible open-source
platform for building blockchain-based applications. But platforms alone are only useful if you’re prepared to invest the time and money to build solutions yourself, or are happy to spend a lot of money for someone to carry out the discovery and development phase for you. Tymlez creates and deploys solutions with benefits you can see straight away.


Full commercialisation of Tymlez and forming strategic partnerships with global companies who also want to drive massive change is our primary short term objective. We have a laser focus on the energy market. The team has spent four-years developing an exceptional software platform that marries the power of enterprise-grade solutions with blockchain capability. There’s almost nothing else out there like it, but it’s time to move from being, essentially, academically impressive to delivering solutions for real-world problems. And there’s no problem more significant than the global energy crisis. It’s a complex beast that requires every tool in the blockchain kit – from the decentralisation of ledgers to smart contracts and immutable records. The opportunity is ours to take. I understand the sector, we have the technology and we have the team, so we’re making a pass-and-catch play by grabbing the technology and getting it to where it is really needed. The bedrock is our platform and it’s ready to go, so the development team is handing the ball to me and I’m going to drive the roll-out of the solutions.

We’re not selling lines of clever code, we’re here to deliver solutions to major, real-world problems.

Daniel O’Halloran, CEO - Tymlez

Once we’ve ensured a green future? Well, that’s a big task but our solutions can be used by any other sector — track and trace of resources, swarm learning on medical data and future enterprise-grade solutions, for instance. We’re also adding new functionality all the time — AI is going to play a big role in our immediate future to help customers rapidly identify new opportunities for efficiency and success.

We are preparing to change the world.


Personally, I want people to understand that we’re not just selling clever code, we’re solving major problems. As with any disruptive technology, getting people to recognise that change is coming or there’s even a problem to fix can be tricky. Blockchain itself is relatively new and people have yet to capitalise on it, but they are starting to realise its enormous. Although it’s still relatively early days, major consultancies such as PwC and Ernst & Young, have started to encourage their clients to be ready for a decentralised future, and many big players, including central banks are experimenting with blockchain. There are trillions of dollars being spent in this space now. There’s a growing need in all sectors to future-proof their business’ by building in the capability to operate in a decentralised market. The forward-looking companies however are looking to drive the change.

Are you ready to start you Tymlez journey?

A sustainable future will be created by today’s most resilient and productive organisations. Tymlez provides those organisations with the solutions to succeed.

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