Tymlez platform session and Secure Document Sharing via the blockchain Demo

Tymlez’ Reinier van der Drift shows off Tymlez Smart Enterprise Blockchain Architecture and does a short demo of Secure Document Sharing via the Tymlez blockchain with strong authentication during the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2017 in Amsterdam

Presentation of the transport of hazardous goods PoC

Presentation of the blockchain PoC for transport of hazardous goods internally Netherlands and cross border, by Tymlez’ Wilfried Hoffman

Leondrino Exchange demo at Finovate

Tymlez’ partner Leondrino Exchange´s vision is to become the most trusted issuer and administrator of private branded currencies called Leondrino. They give companies the opportunity to create their self-sustaining circular economy with their own branded currency. It improves the economics of customer acquisition and customer retention and enables fund-raising by monetizing a growing customer base very early. Investors – from forward-thinking individuals to professional investors – get a new alternative commodity that is backed by the business of the associated company. In contrast to unbacked cryptocurrencies, the currency supply is managed by the Leondrino Algorithm based on a monetary policy agreed upon between Leondrino Excange and the company.

Leondrino Exchange is presenting its new Leondrino Wallet. This mobile wallet is specifically designed to handle multiple Leondrino Currencies during their full lifecycle – from the initial token phase, via the restricted coin phase, up to the fully tradable currency phase. It can be linked to accounts of banks and external exchanges and will be extended to a PFM.

Enjoy the video presentation at Finovate.

Tymlez Finalist Nokia Innovation Challenge 2016

For all the fans out there, we never shared these pictures before of Tymlez taking the 4th place out of 450 companies at Nokia’s Innovation Challenge 2016. So please go ahead and enjoy 😉

Tymlez & Magic Software sign partner agreement

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Magic Software (MGIC, Nasdaq), represented by Managing Director Benelux, Mr. John Verwaaijen, has signed a partneragreement with Tymlez. Under the agreement, Magic is allowed to resell Tymlez products. The agreement is a result of the integration work that both companies have done in order to bring enterprise legacy connectivity to the Tymlez blockchain architecture. First implementations of the integrated solution is expected later this year.

Digitale Gehandicapten Parkeerkaart

Vandaag was de officiële presentatie van de resultaten van de 2e ronde van de blockchain pilots Overheid.
In het stadhuis van Den Haag vond de presentatie plaats en Tymlez Wilfried Hoffman presenteerde onder ander het project voor de digitalisering van de gehandicapten parkeerkaart.
Dit project wat uitgevoerd wordt met CIB, KPN en de gemeenten Drechtsteden en Schiedam, mag zich verheugen in een grote belangstelling.
​Meer informatie kun je hier lezen. De uitgebreide gemeentelijke powerpoint kun je onderstaand downloaden.


Reinier’s contribution for the 2017 Blockchain Edition of “Informatiebeveiliging” Magazine

The Dutch security officers community publishes its own 2-monthly magazine “informatiebeveiliging”. The april/may edition  is dedicated to blockchain technology. Reinier was asked to write an introductionairy article which you can download below. Sorry to say the article is in Dutch only ;-(