Tymlez terminates agreement with Chainledger

On 8 December 2017, Tymlez BV, a subsidiary of Tymlez Group Ltd A.C.N. 622.817.421 announced that it had entered into a partnership agreement with Chainledger Systems AG, whereby Tymlez agreed to license its Blockchain technology to Chainledger Systems AG.


Tymlez now seeks to announce that effective from 9 July 2018, Tymlez BV has terminated the partnership agreement with Chainledger Systems AG because the parties have been unable to mutually agree to an extension of the payment terms. Consequently, the license granted by Tymlez has been revoked and the parties will reassess whether any opportunities for cooperation are available at a later stage.


The Board is now turning its focus on to a number of alternative opportunities. Further announcements regarding the Company’s outlook will be made as soon as practicable.

TYMLEZ attending BlockchainNW

BlockchainNW is proud to host the first Seattle Blockchain Conference, a networking event focused on the business and technology of blockchain. This conference will feature 50+ speakers from different perspectives to showcase the many utilizations of Blockchain across industries and markets.

There will be presentation from top-level keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions and case studies with a focus on education, engaging, and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space.

Attendees will gain a wealth of insights and information about the state of the token-based economy while networking with over 600 thought leaders & builders in Blockchain. Blockchain NW brings together business professionals from blockchain based enterprises including CEO’s, end users, entrepreneurs, crypto funds, venture capitalists, investors, attorneys & developers to network and collaborate.

Wir fahren nach Berlin – Sie auch?

Besuchen Sie den Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung 2018 vom 18.-20. Juni 2018 in Berlin? Dann besuchen Sie uns doch dort auf dem  SUSE Stand B0259!

Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit für den persönlichen Dialog mit uns.

Dieses Jahr gibt es in der Arena der Lösungen „Beispiele für die digitale Transformation im eGovernment auf Basis von Blockchain“.

Vereinbaren Sie einfach einen Gesprächstermin per Mailmichael.reh@tymlez.com

Tymlez Attending Consensus 2018

CoinDesk is proud to present our 4th annual blockchain technology summit, May 14-16, 2018 at the New York Hilton Midtown. Consensus 2018 will feature 250+ speakers and 4,000+ attendees from the leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic and policy groups who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy.


Tymlez SUSE Ready Certified

Enterprise customers can confidently deploy ISV containerized offerings that are tested and supported on SUSE’s container management solution

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (KubeCon + CloudNativeCon)


SUSE® today introduced SUSE Ready certification for SUSE CaaS Platform, expanding its respected application-certification program for independent software vendors (ISVs). ISVs building containers that use the open source docker container format can now certify their containerized application on SUSE CaaS Platform, an enterprise-class container management solution that enables IT and DevOps professionals to more easily deploy, manage and scale container-based applications and services. SUSE Ready verifies for customers that partner solutions are tested and supported on SUSE software, so they can confidently use compatible and supported third-party solutions that best meet their business requirements, without being locked in to a single vendor.


Gaat blockchain levens redden?

23 april 2018 in Magazine

IT’er en activiste slaan handen ineen

Op de 13e verdieping van het Haagse WTC vliegen de mensenrechtenschendingen over tafel. Aan een grijs tafeltje zitten een IT’er en een activist naast elkaar. Samen bouwen ze aan een blockchain IT-systeem.

Met het systeem kunnen activistes wereldwijd, ook in oorlogsgebied, straks samenwerken. Het contrast met het – afgezien van drie gesigneerde Beatlesfoto’s na – oersaaie kantoor kan haast niet groter.

Elisabeth van der Steenhoven, directeur van El-Karama Europe, de Europese poot van een internationaal netwerk van Arabische vrouwenactivisten, en Reinier van der Drift, directeur van IT-bedrijf Tymlez vertegenwoordigen de uitersten van twee werelden, maar kunnen het goed vinden. Er wordt gegrapt en gelachen.


Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain can help improve the outcome of a stroke.

Amsterdam, 21 March 2018  –  Every year about 50,000 people in the Netherlands get a stroke. About 10,000 of these patients die and this number continues to increase. In order to reduce mortality, it is crucial to start the right treatment as soon as possible. Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain can help improve the outcome of a stroke.

For this purpose, Nico.lab, a spin-off of the Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) and developer of medical artificial intelligence, in collaboration with Tymlez , a provider of enterprise blockchain technology, have joined forces. Both companies are starting a pilot this month with a number of hospitals for superior treatment of strokes. They received funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and climate, which underlines the importance of these innovations.

Stroke is the leading cause of death after dementia and cancer in our country.

Rapid treatment crucial
Every hour that doctors are going to treat earlier, the number of patients who will recover without major problems increases by 15%. This means not only a significant improvement in the quality of life, but also a decrease in the economic cost of stroke. These amounts are currently more than EUR 1.7 billion per annum for the Netherlands.

A doctor can only choose the right treatment if there is a lot known about the problem in the patient’s brain, as with an infarction, the exact location of any blood clot. Viewing the scans by a doctor is however complex and time consuming. Moreover, in practice, the analysis of the brain scan does not always lead to the correct diagnosis, which can have major consequences for the treatment and how the patient eventually recovers from the stroke. This also leads to unnecessarily high costs.

Artificial intelligence: fast and precise
The use of artificial intelligence in the treatment of stroke is an important improvement. These algorithms are, by applying the latest computer technology, not only fast, but also precise due to their learning ability. Nico.lab also makes the artificial intelligence solution available via the cloud, allowing hospitals to use it in a low-threshold way. These savings are estimated at over
€ 200 million on an annual basis, in light of the current costs of € 1.7 billion per year.

Because the computer for this artificial intelligence is not in their own hospital, the scans are encrypted and sent to Nico.lab via an internet connection at lightning speed. After analysis, the specialist receives the notification that he can log in to view the scans and the result itself. It is not important whether the neurologist is in hospital or in a foreign hotel room while visiting a major medical conference or enjoying a day off at home.

Blockchain technology guarantees patient data confidentiality.
Naturally, confidentiality must be guaranteed when exchanging patient data. Because this is an exchange of privacy-sensitive data in a chain of medical professionals, the use of blockchain technology is the solution. Where many blockchains are known for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, the power of blockchain is security in data exchange. Tymlez ensures that all parts in the chain of people and machines are connected to the system via an unbreakable and safe process. The brain scans are then uniquely coded, so that they can only be shared with chain participants who are authorized to do so. The security of patient data is fully guaranteed in this way.

Note for editors:
For more information please contact:
Robert A. Kuipers, CEO Nico.lab: 06 1258 6631.

Jumping Bean and Tymlez partner to bring enterprise blockchain training on SUSE Linux

Most businesses recognise that blockchain technology will alter their line of business in the very near future, yet most still have to select a blockchain platform to develop applications on, and even fewer have the required skills available to build solutions using blockchain technology.

In response to the needs of business Tymlez, which provides an enterprise blockchain platform, has partnered with SUSE and Jumping Bean to deliver a holistic solution which addresses ease-of-use, enterprise reliability and robustness and skills development.

“Blockchain is set to disrupt the way enterprises track, manage and transact across the entire supply chain. The question all businesses should be asking is how they can use blockchain to give their business a competitive advantage, which is where SUSE and Tymlez come in,” says Mark Clarke, Technology Sensai at Jumping Bean.

Tymlez provides an easy-to-use and deploy blockchain architecture while SUSE provides a robust container-as-a-service (CAAS) platform and Jumping Bean will provide courses and training for skills development.

“Digital transformation is a key challenge for all businesses at this time,” says Clarke. “Businesses need to transform in order to remain relevant in their particular fields, and blockchain is one of the key technologies that will enable this transformation. Tymlez has developed a scalable and secure blockchain platform for enterprises.”

Tymlez is also container-ready and integrates with SUSE’s Container as a Service (SUSE CAAS) platform to better manage blockchain deployments. Using the CAAS platform, blockchain deployments can be better managed and resources allocated as and when needed.

“Understanding how these technologies can be used to both transform enterprises as well as prepare the business for a digital future are key skills which is why we’re excited to be hosting these sessions introducing the SUSE blockchain platform,” says Clarke.