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For a renounceable pro-rata entitlement issue of 2 Shares for every 1 Share held by Shareholders registered at the Record Date at an issue price of A$0.01 (1 cent) per Share to raise up to approximately A$5,840,737 before costs.

Sequoia Corporate Finance Pty Ltd is acting as Lead Manager to the Offer. The Offer is not underwritten.


This Offer Document is provided for information purposes only and is not a prospectus, product disclosure statement or other form of disclosure document.

This Offer Document is dated 19 May 2021. This Offer Document does not contain all the information that an investor would find in a prospectus or which may be required in order to make an informed investment decision regarding, or about the rights attaching to, Securities offered under this Offer Document.

This Offer Document should be read in its entirety before deciding whether to apply for the Shares offered under this document. If after reading this Offer Document, you have any questions about the Offer, this Offer Document, or any other matter, then you should consult your stockbroker, accountant or other professional adviser.

This Offer Document is not for release or distribution in the United States of America or to US Persons. The Securities offered by this Offer Document should be considered speculative.

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