Follow the Blockchain movement

Global forecasts show that blockchain is going to impact everything from online transaction to e-governmental processes. There is a growing trend towards digital environments which are far more decentralised and distributed. Digital solutions will see the increased use of blockchain working with other advanced technologies to bring about increased cybersecurity, trust, transparency and traceability for all the connected parties. Blockchain is being seen as a key component within advanced technologies portfolio by organisations and solution providers which includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotics. Around 80 percent of business transactions across the globe are still processed on traditional ERP systems but the future will see the growth of digital solutions being built around these systems.

Enterprises and organisations need to start planning and to improve their knowledge, to capture future value as well as mitigating competitive threats. TYMLEZ is providing an enterprise level blockchain platform (TBSP) and are actively looking to expand its Partner Eco-System network worldwide.

Join the TYMLEZ Partner Eco-System

TYMLEZ is looking to create a Partner Eco-System which is designed to be active collaboration network between partners who will leverage each other’s strength and to combine to develop and deliver solutions for customers through the digital transformation process.
TYMLEZ wants to engage partners who will see a business case in utilizing our containerized enterprise blockchain platform to accelerate the design, development and deployment of digital solutions or creating new applications. TYMLEZ provides a platform which will enable partners with the opportunity to enhance their services and solutions portfolio to create:

  • New consulting and development revenue streams and higher margins
  • Additional subscription revenues through new hosting and managed service offerings
  • New digital solutions and extend existing applications to generate new revenue streams
  • Expand their customer base and move into new sectors to facilitate growth 



Strategic Partners

Partners with large presence and network globally or regionally where their partnership will enable the acceleration and adoption of enterprise level blockchain solutions.

Solution Partners

Partners who see a business case for adding and integrating the TYMLEZ blockchain solution platform with their solution or service offering to deliver added value and customer business benefits to their solutions.

Consulting Partners

Partners who have expertise in consultancy services around Digital Transformation where they see a business case for them and their customers utilising blockchain in the technology change and digital transformation process.

Technical Partners

Partners who provide the expertise and delivery capabilities in the technical design, development and training services for the TYMLEZ blockchain platform who see a business case in growing their business and billable hour by teaming up with TYMLEZ and the Ecosystem.

Cloud Service Providers

Partners who offer Blockchain as a Platform-as-a-Service (BaaS) and/or co-location services for our Blockchain-in-a-Box (BiaB) solution.

System Integrators

Partners who see value in having enterprise level blockchain scalability by using the TYMLEZ platform to develop solutions for their customers and bring multiple solutions together which helps them to deliver accelerated development and provides the sustainable business benefits.