Ready for your business challenges

TYMLEZ software and services enable you to utilise emerging Blockchain technologies by providing the tools to create applications that support new digital business models and integrate existing IT landscapes. These tools will focus on production readiness: security, performance, scalability and operations.

The TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform (TBSP) is your accelerator for adoption and operation of these technologies.

A trusted, transparent and immutable technology for the next generation

TBSP surpasses other out-of-the-box Blockchain solutions. We offer:

  • programming interfaces that integrate SAP and other legacy applications
  • a development environment that enable development of blockchain apps with little or no blockchain knowledge
  • key components that include user management, backup and recovery, logging and monitoring, and security
  • smart contracts that boost automation
  • drag & drop functionality that model individual smart contracts easily and work closely with customer business applications
  • plug-ins that support capabilities and features for custom processes and projects: the next generation run-time enables developers to add “extensions” to the build process, each of which can modify almost any aspect of run-time processing.
tymlez blockchain solution platform diagram


Accelerate development, deployment and management

Built by one of the most experienced teams in the world, TYMLEZ offers a curated software suite that fully integrates all the open-source tools needed into an intuitive development platform. Thanks to this platform, organisations can develop new, enterprise-scale applications while enabling legacy systems to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

Standard Solutions
Enterprise applications built using a collection of programming models and languages describing their content; they are executed using a set of corresponding containers or run-times and continuously change over their lifetime.


Custom Solutions
You might will need special features for certain projects or processes. The next generation runtime enables developers to add extensions to the build process, each of which can modify almost all aspects of runtime processing.


3rd party Components
TYMLEZ architecture leverages several third-party components to further facilitate the business process: enterprise legacy bridges are built into the architecture; identity management and a strong authentication functionality ensures security and compliance in a convenient way.

In a nutshell: our platform is a complete solution offering encryption, immutability, distribution, decentralisation and tokenisation.


Our accelerators reflect industry-specific processes: use them as a starting point or building block for your own project. Your project architects will save a lot of time in development, design and implementation. For smart contracts, we offer reusable components and pre-configured processes.

Accelerator Secure Documents

Be the next to go paperless and digitize your Services.

Business Areas

  • Audit, Compliance
  • HR, Legal, Finance
  • Services, Insurance, Manufacturing
  • Supply, Transport, Logistics

Blockchain Benefits

  • Proof of Review and Signature
  • Encrypted Access to Documents
  • Immutable Record of Compliance
  • Immutable Audit and Tracking
  • Increase Trust and Transparency
Accelerator HR / Onboarding / KYC / GDPR

Keep pace with modern Onboarding and Digital Identities.

Business Areas

  • HR, Recruitment, Contracting,
  • Membership/Volunteers, NFP
  • Suppliers Partner Onboarding
  • Credentials Checking

Blockchain Benefits

  • Encrypted Permission Led Access
  • Immutable Records, Compliance
  • Digital Passport
  • Encrypted Personal Data Held
  • Digital ID and GDPR
Accelerator Tracking & Tracing Digital Assets

Close the loop with your Supply Chain.

Business Areas

  • Supply Chain Asset Tracking
  • Asset and Licence Management
  • Equipment Service Management, Legal 
  • Proof of Ownership

Blockchain Benefits

  • Secure API’s to IoT Systems
  • Increased trust and transparency
  • Smart contract automation
  • Immutable Record of Compliance
  • Increased trust in Data Collection 
Accelerator Rewards & Loyalty

Increase loyalty engagement by use of Blockchain.

Business Areas

  • Digital Marketplaces,
  • Membership/Social Platforms
  • Corporate Loyalty Programmes,
  • Finance

Blockchain Benefits

  • Immutable Record of Compliance
  • Secure Trusted Digital Exchange
  • Secure Peer-to-Peer Transactions
  • Digital Revenue Stream
  • Digital Currency Exchange

Our promise: timeless software 

We believe that digital transformation should be a continuous, evolutionary process that supports our customers’ ongoing business goals, transcending the effects of technology and societal changes. To achieve this, we strive to design our platform for continuous transformation and never let it become static or beholden to previous conventions. We have applied timeless software principles to Blockchain, developing our own technology stack optimized for enterprise Blockchain applications. 

Leveraging curated and proven open-source technologies, TBSP is optimised for compliance and smart contracts-based applications and is also ideal for dedicated IoT solutions. TYMLEZ focuses on non-public blockchain scenarios for enterprises and organisations subject to strict permission criteria. TBSP is available as PaaS or on-premise.

We support you with 2-Speed IT!

We have a responsibility to develop, deliver and support a software platform that enables our customers to create, test and adopt new applications at the pace of their businesses. By focusing on process excellence in our organisation, we help our customers achieve these goals. We understand that technology is always changing and evolving. It is our responsibility to know how customers are using our platform today, imagine how they will use new and emerging technologies in the future, and how we will seamlessly and effectively integrate them into our platform.