Save the children relies on Blockchain for secure onboarding process

Business Challenges


Save the Children saw that there was organisational need to create an enhanced recruitment and onboarding system which address the following challenges:

•    Trust and Transparency
•    Lack of standards in Credentials Checking 
•    Inconsistency in tracking people activities  

•    GDPR Compliance
•    Providing a secure digital and permission led process
•    Provide secure and immutable records  

•    Reducing Overhead Costs 
•    Eliminate silo approaches, manual tasks and time lines
•    Reduce HR and ID resources/processes required

•    Brand Reputation Damage
•    Losing Government Funding and Support
•    Reductions in donations 


Business Solution 

In partnership with TYMLEZ, Save the Children utilised the visual modelling and workflow tool within the enterprise blockchain platform to design the recruitment and onboarding processes which will deliver a solution that will enable the use of following functionality:

•    Recruitment and Onboarding Blockchain Platform 
•    Global ID Verification and Credentials checking 
•    Recruitment, Onboarding and Deployment process
•    GDPR compliance and immutable records 

•    Digital Passport
•    Provide an encrypted self-sovereign ID on both the mobile application and platform
•    GDPR – provides an individual permission driven process
•    Transportable across the NGO/NFP sector and in crisis areas

•    Trust and Traceability 
•    Providing more security of personal data being held on employees and volunteers
•    Immutable records of activities, authorisations and credentials checking processes
•    Trust in identities, asset transfers and deployment 

TYMLEZ Enterprise Blockchain Platform has been used to develop an application for Save the Children's recruitment and onboarding processes to meet the business objectives. This solution has been developed to provide the secure encryption of files containing personal data and role based controlled access to such data. Furthermore, the application maintained a complete audit trail of information that was available for inspection by participants and regulators. 

Business Benefits

This Humanitarian Passport solution is looking to deliver the following benefits to the organisation and engaging other NGO/NFP’s in the sector:

•    High Levels of Trust and Transparency 
•    Encrypted Identity Management and personal data 
•    Improved Safeguarding and Compliance
•    Immutable personnel and task records   

•    Reductions in Overhead Costs 
•    Reducing silos and duplicate tasks 
•    Improved efficiencies and processing time lines 
•    Integration with legacy systems  

•    Improved risk and security 
•    Encrypted mobile and back end platform
•    Improved security of data and GDPR Compliance
•    Improved risk assessment capabilities

•    Improved sector collaboration
•    Better collaboration of people and skills
•    Improved transparency transfer and use of assets/funds
•    Faster clearance of individuals to work in crisis areas