Explore how blockchain works in an enterprise environment in a safe and risk-free way

TBSP on Google Cloud Platform is a starting point for exploring the capabilities of blockchain for the enterprise.

TBSP on Google Cloud Platform is a high-performance permission blockchain where you can experience the following use cases:

  • Tracking and tracing of digital assets
  • Secure document handling
  • Proof of existence of a digital asset on the blockchain

As well, you can also execute ready-made smart contracts.

You don’t have to build a network from scratch. It’s simply click and deploy your cluster! 

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Using TBSP on Google Cloud Platform

All you need to run TBSP on Google Cloud Platform is a Google Cloud Platform account as well as a Kubernetes cluster.

It’s easy to use! With the TYMLEZ platform, users receive a highly scalable, enterprise-grade smart contract platform that can be deployed in minutes and/or implemented via partners within an enterprise or across a consortium.

From the GCP console UI, you can determine how many nodes in the network. You can use an existing cluster or create a new cluster.


Easy to use and intuitive

As an exploratory platform, TBSP on Google Cloud Platform already contains the blockchain applications and smart contracts that can be executed.

There’s no need to build your own application or smart contract. Simply run the commands provided to post your transaction to the blockchain.

In addition, you can execute four different smart contracts – each with differing complexity.

The applications and smart contracts enable you to see how you can apply the possibilities of blockchain to your enterprise applications.

Examples of how the platform may benefit the enterprise are

  • “track and trace” in supply chain management
  • managing proof of existence
  • verifying the existence of any computer file as of a specific time via time stamp transactions.


TBSP leverages the Tendermint Consensus protocol which is Byzantine Fault-Tolerant to ensure that in a distributed network :

  • transactions are recorded on all machines
  • in the same order

In the specific use case of creating and transferring assets in a distributed network Tendermint :

  • shares blocks and transactions between nodes
  • establishes an immutable order of transactions (i.e. the blockchain)
  • replicates data on all nodes in a network

TBSP uses the Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI) to ensure replication of transactions to Tendermint; ABCI is the application process that communicates with the consensus process (Tendermint).

The TBSP ABCI does the following:

  • maintains the database
  • validates cryptographic signatures of transactions
  • enables clients to query the database
  • prevents double-spend

TBSP also allows developers to post transactions out of any application via the HTTP protocol.

TBSP on GCP works right out of the box and includes the Digital Asset Javascript Software Development Kit.

Visit our knowledge base for more technical information.

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Advanced functions

These functions include customizing your TBSP on Google Cloud Platform instance, such as