Facilitating a revolution.

Take a look at your future city.

The energy market is antiquated. Large-scale producers sell power via third parties. Spectacularly inefficient, it churns immeasurable amounts of carbon into our atmosphere. Tymlez facilitates a rapid transformation by removing intermediaries and allowing consumers to become producers — prosumers — of energy through renewables. Alongside, integration with other technologies, such as electric vehicles, introduces new energy storage and transport methods. And, with a layer of AI, the entire ecosystem is as efficient as non-humanly possible.

Wind Farm: Renewable energy sources, such as wind-farms, become increasingly viable as they are used to power small, local ecosystems and can trade directly with consumers when required.
Car: Charged from green power sources, vehicles essentially become mobile batteries or virtual power plants.
Traditional Energy Producer: Traditional energy production continues, albeit at much-reduced rate. It feeds into the ecosystem via the blockchain and AI is used to work out how much energy is required.
Traditional Energy Infrastructure: The existing energy infrastructure is still used in the new model. There is no need to overhaul the hardware, simply apply Tymlez solutions to create a new ecosystem.
People: Individuals buy power when and where they need it. Direct purchases are facilitated through Tymlez solutions. It’s intuitive and simple to use and makes the best use of all the available stored power.
Hospitals: Municipal facilities are powered from green sources, and exchange energy from EV’s parked on site. When required they can tap into any source including those generated by tradition plants.
Houses: Consumers also produce energy using, for instance, solar arrays. Tymlez enterprise software creates an intuitive interface where they can trade units with anyone over the blockchain. It’s simple, secure and reliable.
Car Park: Vehicle owners can trade energy when they are parked. A mall could trade parking for power, or offset carbon production with green energy. It’s all tracked, traced and traded using Tymlez software.